Lumino’s core product consists Genesys’ patented high performance electronic ballast (gHID) for high intensity discharge lamps. gHID can be used in virtually any HID infrastructure, including public streetlight lighting or any environments requiring specific levels of quality lighting, such as airports, marine ports, sporting venues, parking lots, manufacturing plants, warehouses, retailers, among others.
We offer an efficient energy solution that, in addition to energy savings, reduces installation and maintenance costs. We monitor the facilities and measure relevant lighting quality and energy consumption parameters, thereby making it easy to comply with required standards and norms.

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About Us

About Lumino

Lumino Energy Solution is an American company, based in Connecticut. Lumino distributes, Genesys’ patented technology solution; a high frequency electronic ballast (“gHID”) that brings energy savings to users of high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting of upwards of 75%. Lumino holds the exclusive right to distribute gHID throughout Latin America. In Brazil we facilitate sustainable lighting projects, through gHID technology, offering the most energy efficient solution for virtually any internal and external light infrastructure.

Our Team

Ana Albieri, Brazil General Manager // Ana Albieri joined Lumino Energy Solutions in 2016 as General Manager for Brazil after more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Having worked in functions such as manufacturing, marketing, business analytics, business development, continuous improvement and strategic planning, she has a broad and, at the same time, deep understanding of the industry and its operations. Ana started her career at Hoechst Marion Roussel, and occupied several positions in companies such as Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals in the United States, Janssen-Cilag, Pfizer and Hypermarcas in Brazil. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from FEI (Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial), completed postgraduate studies in Marketing at ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) and an MBA in Strategy from Marshall School of Business (University of Southern California).
Isaac Castañeda, General Manager for Caribbean and Andean Region // Isaac Castañeda oversees Lumino's public and private sector business development in the Caribbean and the ​Andean Region. Isaac is passionate about energy efficiency and sustainability, particularly as a resident of the Dominican Republic, which has one of the highest US$/KW costs in the world. Isaac is a principal in companies in water bottling, oral healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Isaac was an emerging markets equity investment professional with Bankers Trust & Co. and Deltec Asset Management.  Isaac holds a BA in Economics and Philosophy from Columbia College and an EMBA from the Wharton School.
Luciano R. Nicasio, CEO // CEO of Lumino Energy Solutions and Lumino Capital, which provides our lighting projects with sustainable, shared-savings financing solutions. Luciano Managing Partner at Aurum Capital Partners, an alternative investment management firm managing hedge fund and private equity strategies. Luciano was Managing Director, at Bankers Trust Co now Deutsche Bank, leading the global emerging markets equities business. Luciano was managing partner for Aurum Venture Fund and other investments vehicles, deploying sustainable and responsible venture investments in energy, technology, healthcare and agriculture sectors. He received a B.A. in Economics from Middlebury College. FINRA registered principal.

Our Partners

American Roots. International Reach. Genesys Global is based in Asheville, NC and Englewood, NJ and is guided by a team of lighting, energy, and finance experts. gHID was born in the halls of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Genesys maintains an R&D laboratory in Oak Ridge to perfect and test our products for performance and quality.
Genesys has partnered with Artesyn Embedded Technologies, an affiliate of Emerson, as our exclusive manufacturing partner, which allows us to deliver the best proposition in the market. gHID has been deployed across the world in a variety of applications, including parking lots, roadways, industrial facilities, and retail outlets.  There are millions of HID lights out there in the world.  We aim to have gHID in all of them.

Global Presence

Our participation in the public lighting sector is constantly growing. Through our units, we operate in several countries. Check out the link for more information about our global reach.

Meet gHID

The gHID is a high-frequency electronic ballast that saves energy, prolongs lamp life significantly,  and reduces maintenance costs considerably, providing a brighter and whiter light than traditional HID. A benefit of the gHID is that automation solutions can be added, such as dimming and remote monitoring.  Learn more



We are revolutionizing and establishing a new paradigm in lighting. We provide our clients with the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions. Our story can be told through the challenges found in public and private lighting. A proof of this? Our cases.

Blount Island Marine that use gHID in their facilities.
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Descarte e reciclagem dos vários tipos de lâmpadas

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Em se tratando de iluminação, nos perdemos na infinidade de lâmpadas e tecnologias existentes, seja para o uso residencial, comercial e industrial Mas será que damos a devida atenção para como devemos descartar corretamente essas lâmpadas? O texto a seguir cuidará da explanação sobre quais são os tipos de

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Real Sustainability

The gHID enables customers to immediately attain their sustainability and efficiency goals, without the economic drag and discarding of material waste associated with other lighting technologies.

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