Blount Island Marine

Customer Challenge

Genesys has launched a challenge to Blount Island Marine, located in Jacksonville, Florida, claiming that patented high frequency electronic ballast would drive an off the shelf 320 watt metal halide lamp to produce measured light levels equal to a 1000 watt high pressure sodium lamp and still bring an energy saving of 70%.

Case Study

The Blount Island Marine accepted the challenge and made a case study to evaluate light levels and energy consumption. The test was placed in an area illuminated by 15 poles. One pole was retrofitted, changing ballasts and lamps and during 13 days they used equipment to collect the data from this pole and from other with no changes.


The Blount Island Marine test validated that a 320W metal halide lamp driven by Genesys high frequency ballast will deliver measured light levels comparable to a 1000W high pressure sodium. And also documented a 70.9% energy savings.

They conducted some interviews with ten employees whose various jobs required them to work in the test area and all of them reported favorably regarding light quality and ability to read and identify colors under the whiter, test lights. Test shows this combination to be a very energy efficient.


High pressure sodium lamps 1000W
X Metal halide lamps 320W
Magnetic ballast X
High frequency electronic ballast (gHID)


  • Energy savings: 70.9% on energy savings comparable to previous HID installed
  • Improved light quality: Higher CRI (brighter and whiter light)
  • Immediate impact: quick installation using existing fixtures; zero business disruption
  • Reduced maintenance cost: lamp life extended 2 – 3x; ballast life extended 3 – 4x
  • Life cycle cost analyses: simple payback 2.57; savings to investment ratio 6.46
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