Home Depot - Atlanta, GA

Client Needs

Home Depot, is the largest home center retailer in USA. The main goal of Home Depot was to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. However, to maintain the quality of current lighting in their stores was priority.


Genesys project team suggested an upgrade on Home Depot lighting fixtures providing the best retrofit solution for all high wattage HID. On that process the metal halide lamp previous installed were replaced by new lamps and high frequency electronic ballast, gHID 320W. That retrofit was made in several poles on Home Depot stores close to Atlanta. And Genesys and is prepared to work with Home Depot in developing a store by store or region by region phase in plan for all locations.


With the retrofit for electronic ballast, the Home Depot, reduced lighting costs in 72% a year, generating savings of $10,000 annually for each installation.

The results were achieved with the notable increase in the quality of lighting in each place, all this without disruption activities, waste material or prohibitive costs associated with other technologies of lighting efficiency.


Metal halide lamp 1000W and magnetic ballast
Annual cost US$ 13,800
Metal halide lamp 1000W and gHID 320W
Annual cost US$ 3,990


  • Great energy saving: over 72% of energy reduction of HID lighting energy cost
  • Attractive return: Payback in 1 year
  • Improved light quality: Higher CRI (brighter and whiter light)
  • Immediate impact: quick installation using existing fixtures; zero business disruption
  • Reduced maintenance cost: lamp life extended 2 – 3x; ballast life extended 3 – 4x
  • Real sustainability: actual values of energy efficiency without the need for Exchange of current equipment.
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