Sonic Automotive

Client Needs

Sonic Automotive is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest automotive retailers in USA. Sonic wanted to reduce its annual lighting bill, invest in a sustainable upgrade, and improve the value of owned facilities, all without sacrificing light quality.

Case Study

Genesys project team suggested the gHID solution to retrofit the lighting at a number of dealerships in Sonic’s retail network. Replacing the magnetic ballast for electronic gHID 200W and maintaining the existing high bay fixtures.


The majority of the service area contained mismatched lamp and ballast combinations that resulted in an off color light, a loud buzzing, and shortened lamp and ballast life. Genesys standardized the lighting infrastructure by implementing its one for one retrofit solution in all of the property’s interior HID fixtures.

The gHID system produced a more appealing, whiter light than the previous magnetic ballasts, all while creating immediate energy savings of 55%. Previously, light levels in the service center area averaged 7.4 fc; immediately after gHID was installed the average level rose to 23.8 fc. In addition, the Genesys ballasts have reduced the lighting maintenance on the retrofitted fixtures by more than half, creating additional capital in the budget.


Lightning: metal halide lamp 400W
Ballast: magnetic. Fotopic: 7,4 Fc
Lightning: metal halide lamp 200W
Ballast: electronic. Fotopic: 23,8 Fc


  • Significant energy savings: 55% energy reduction of HID lighting energy costs
  • Improved light quality: Higher CRI (brighter and whiter light)
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Lamp life extended 2 – 3x; ballast life extended 3 – 4x
  • Immediate impact: Quick installation using existing fixtures; zero business disruption
  • Improved safety & workplace productivity: Service operations are now more effective
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