Talleyrand Marine Terminal

Client Needs

Talleyrand Marine Terminal comprises one-third of the full-service Jacksonville Port Authority. Located in one of the largest commercial ports on the Atlantic coast, Talleyrand Marine Terminal handles cargo from more than 100 countries and operates a terminal area of 173 acre. Talleyrand wants to reduce lighting costs and improve light quality to promote a brighter, safer work environment that also furthers JAXPORT’s green port initiatives.


The Genesys project team worked with Talleyrand to retrofit their 100’ high mast poles replacing 1000W high pressure sodium lights with the Genesys gHID 320W solution.


The energy savings were over 70%. The overall light quality was measurably improved without disrupting business, wasting unnecessary materials, or incurring the prohibitive costs associated with other energy efficient lighting technologies.

Genesys delivers a crisp, high quality white light at 4000K compared to the dull orange glow of HPS (2200K) previously at Talleyrand. This improves depth perception, speed and distance judgment, and safety for dock
workers and drivers. Facilities with gHID have seen a 15% drop in accidents in the first year after installation.
Closed circuit television is also vital to security at every port and clearer images help security personnel do their job effectively. The Genesys system produces a vastly superior image on Talleyrand Marine Terminal’s monitors.


Lighting: high pressure sodium 1000W
Annual cost: US$ 115,400
Lighting: metal halide lamps and gHID 320W
Annual cost: US$ 32,390


  • Dramatic energy savings: 72%+ energy reduction of HID lighting energy costs
  • Compelling ROI: Less than 1 year payback
  • Immediate impact: Quick installation using existing fixtures; zero business disruption
  • Improved light quality: Higher CRI (brighter and whiter light)
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Lamp life extended 2 – 3x; ballast life extended 3 – 4x
  • True sustainability: Market leading energy efficiencies without replacing existing fixtures
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